Hello.  My name is Ara Norwood, Managing Partner at Leadership Development Systems.  Welcome to my website.

Leadership, while an elusive concept, remains the single most foundational idea for a sustainable and progressive America. And what leadership will do for America, it will also do for the world at large. That is why I have devoted my professional life to a study of the field of leadership. It is also why I try to live the principles of effective leadership in my own life. And it is why I teach these principles to others.

I deliver what some would call “motivational” speeches, seminars, and workshops. Yet, I don’t consider myself at all a part of the group of people commonly called “motivational speakers”. Instead, I consider myself a life-long learner who gathers together critically important ideas involving leadership and growth, and shares those ideas in compelling ways to other life-long learners.

Feel free to peruse my web site and see if your next business meeting, conference, retreat, or learning intervention might benefit from my ideas.

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