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Persecuting Newt Gingrich

On Tuesday May 17th, Presidential candidate and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and his wife Callista were in Minnesota doing a book-signing event.  A gay activist approached them and pulled out a box of rainbow glitter (the rainbow … Continue reading

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More Than a Mere Fly in the Ointment

There really is a “public virtue” component of leadeship.  If you doubt that, consider the following about one man: He was the leader of the bodybuilder world, winning Mr. Olympia six times in a row, and winning it a seventh … Continue reading

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Viva Da Vinci!

One of the most driven thought-leaders in all of history was Leonardo Da Vinci.  A true Renaissance Man if there ever was one, and the enduring quality of his surviving art was rivaled only by his contemporary, Michelangelo.  But Da … Continue reading

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