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Reluctant Leadership

Sometimes the best leaders are those who never sought the leadership spotlight. Consider our 33rd U.S. President, Harry S. Truman.  When FDR was considering an unprecedented 4th term as president, he wanted a new vice president to replace Henry Wallace.  … Continue reading

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Cut Yourself Some Slack. . . Sometimes

This week I delivered a 3-day management development seminar to a small cadre of men and women in the aerospace indusry.  Truth be told, it was a grind for several reasons.  First, most of my recent work has been half-day … Continue reading

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Black Leadership

Almost a year ago, I was teaching a class on leadership at a private university in Southern California.  The class had ten sessions, lasting four hours each.  At each class session, I spent about 30 minutes or so (as I … Continue reading

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