Awful Crimes Demand Awful Consequences

Law enforcement officials recently charged over 70 adults in what has to be the sickest and most depraved of human behavior – engaging in sexual abuse of children and then posting photos and/or videos of such debauchery on an internet child porn sight.  The story is so sordid and sickening that I cannot bring myself to describe much in the way of details, although you can read about it here.

Those who have been sentenced so far (4 of the 72) have received prison terms ranging from 20 to 30 years.

I have very little doubt that any of those walking corpses of human sewage will ever serve their full sentences, but even if they did, I consider 30 years of prison confinement to be far from just.

I am going to suggest something radical.  Those who traffic in child pornography should be given life sentences without the possibility of parole.  Those who engage in actual sexual abuse of children should, if convicted, be given the death penalty.

Institute that and I can safely guarantee that while such perversity won’t go away entirely, there will be a steep and pronounced drop in such criminal behavior.


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