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If you pay attention to the conversations going on in Washington DC, you hear a lot of accusations.  One of the more common refrains is “He isn’t leading,” or “The problem is a lack of leadership.”  That is probably often the case.

Perhaps that problem is a lack of understanding in how to lead and what leadership is.

There is no shortage of leadership “guru’s” out there.   However, the marquee practitioners of leadership include the following:

Jean Lipman-Blumen’s Connective Leadership Institute (www.connectiveleadership.com) is among the best out there and definitely worth a careful look.  Her models and assessment tools are second-to-none.  Jean is breathtaking in her grasp of the historical underpinnings of the field of leadership, yet her practical approaches are artful.

Zenger Folkman (www.zengerfolkman.com) offers both programs and resources that are cutting edge and based on solid research.

Scott Edinger, (www.edingergroup.com) a Zenger Folkman alum (and co-author of The Inspiring Leader) is an up-and-coming speaker and thought-leader who consistently brings results to his growing clientele.  I have direct experience with Scott and can vouch for his uncanny ability to deliver.

If you want to be a first-rate leader, get some exposure to some of the best ideas on the subject.  These three practitioners would be a fine place to start.

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