Persecuting Newt Gingrich

On Tuesday May 17th, Presidential candidate and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and his wife Callista were in Minnesota doing a book-signing event.  A gay activist approached them and pulled out a box of rainbow glitter (the rainbow being hi-jacked as a symbol used by gay activits).  Dumping the box of glitter all over them and their table, the gay activist shouted words to this effect: “Have some rainbow, Newt!  Stop the hate! Stop anti-gay politics!  It’s dividing our country and it’s not fixing our economy!”

You can see the video clip of the shenanigans here but you have to endure a commercial first.

Mr. Gingrich and his wife stayed calm and went about their business continuing to sign books.  And while I haven’t heard Mr. Gingrich comment on the episode, I think I will comment here.

The gay activist is a moron and a buffoon.  He’s an immature little knave who is as incoherent as he is incompetent.  But I am delighted he showed his true colors (and that of his constituency.)  It seems that a certain element of the Left believes not in honorable debate but in persecution as a means of attempting to intimidate or belittle those who see the world differently.

Newt and the gay activist are two radically different types of individuals.  Newt would never stoop to such inane measures of expressing disagreement.  Newt cannot even bring himself to think in such terms.  Likewise, the gay activist could never meet Newt on his turf — in a formal, or even informal, debate.  Newt may be the most erudite and learned politician since Theodore Roosevelt.  The gay activist would not likely even grasp, on the most primitive level, the kind of argumentation Newt would put forth to him at a debate.  They essentially live in two different worlds: one, an immature child who spews hate while accusing his opponent of hate; the other, a learned, seasoned thought-leader with a love of history, a fierce explorer of ideas, and a desire to lead this country.  It was great to see the stark contrast in ideals and values and capability.

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2 Responses to Persecuting Newt Gingrich

  1. In “still” trying to come up with the right solution to launch my business, (and I “will” do so!) I’ve been reading more of what is on your site, and in truly “looking” at your messages has made me realize…I wish I could be AraLee, a female Ara!

    Making a difference in this world as you care for your own core family is the stuff living a full life is all about~Thumbs up to YOU, Ara! I send Love & Prayers. I am,

    Your Sister in Christ,

  2. M D says:

    I beg to differ on your virtuous view of Mr Gingrich. He is a two-faced, lying hypocrite. He fights as hard as he can against anything that remote resembles compassion or decent treatment of all people- especially gays and lesbians. He fights against his own daughter, a lesbian, in this respect. I am not in to name calling, but this man truly is an idiot and is so out of touch with reality as, quite frankly, any Republican or Tea Party member. No, not all Democrats are great either but at least they are in touch with the human race.

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