Personal Coaching

Ara speaking to a group of womenPerhaps the most effective skill I provide my clients is one-on-one coaching. I work with men and women from all walks of life and help them build on their strengths, acquire new skills and perspectives, or overcome the hurdles that are in their way. Sometimes we meet in person. Sometimes we meet virtually or through some other medium. In every case, I make sure that you are paying only for results.

Essentially the way it works is you come to me with a particular problem or issue you are facing, and you pay me a flat fee to secure my time and attention. You and I will participate in anywhere from 4 to 7 sessions or so, each session lasting approximately 60 to 90 minutes, and my commitment is that I will help you clear whatever hurdle it is we’ve agreed to work together on. You are not paying for my time, you are paying for results.

If you have a thorny challenge that is keeping you from being your best, reach out to me and let me help you through it. If you need a coach, I may well be an outstanding resource for you. Contact me to discuss the particulars, or click on the Book Ara Now page to begin the process.

Professional Coaching

While I do offer personal coaching for individuals and entrepreneurs much of my consulting work for my corporate clients involves coaching both their high-potentials and those who may be experiencing a productivity slump.

Whether it involves management, account executives, customer service personnel, or administrative staff, I possess the skills to enable others to experience breakthroughs in personal productivity.

What Ara's clients are saying...

I was so appreciative of your taking time out of your busy schedule to judge the event for us. I was mesmerized by your ability to give the students some of the most valuable feedback I have ever heard from any judge in a speaking competition. The students felt your feedback alone made the competition well worth their time. As a chair and professor in the business environment, namely information systems and business communication, I found your input and astute observation and critique to far exceed anything I have ever had the privilege of hearing in the public speaking arena. Again, thank you for your expertise and input. You made a lasting impression on many young lives that will last them a lifetime.

Doris Christopher, PhD
Chair, Information Systems
California State University

Ara’s dynamic and engaging approach empowers you with specific skills and strategies that will help you nail your future interviews.

Bonnie Howard
Santa Monica, California

Ara, you take professionalism to its highest level. Thank you for coaching me through my job search process and preparing me to reach my fullest employment potential. From writing my resume and identifying my unique skills to interviews and acceptance letters, your attention to detail and encouraging words have been vital to my success. Again thank you for your valuable time and patience with me.

Larry Wood, CPA
Castaic, California

I would highly recommend the professional services and coaching of Ara Norwood. I was first introduced to Ara as a professor at College of the Canyons in Valencia, CA and have since continued to work with him develop my own business and professional career. As a professor, his classes were always a stand out compared to others. His energy, enthusiasm, professionalism and creativity made his lectures a joy to attend. I can honestly say I took ten times more out of Ara’s classes then I did most other college courses. Beyond the classroom, Ara really shines as a business coach. His incredible insight and ideas have helped my business and career immensely. He has tremendous command of many subjects whether it be leadership, entrepreneurship, ethics, negotiation and conflict resolution, etc. Because of this grasp of many topics, Ara is incredibly versatile and helpful as a coach. My business would not be where it is today without the guidance and wisdom of Ara.

Justin Doyle
Assistant Director of Instruction
Paseo Club Golf Training Center

Ara, thank you so much for your help with the coaching. You helped me identify skills and work experience that I would have not considered important. Moreover, you helped me feel confident. You are definitely an expert!

Rosalbina Espana Johnson
Business Development Manager

If I had to name one factor that enabled me to take my career to the next level, I would have to say it was the expertise you brought to the table for our several consultations. You are frankly worth far more than you charged and I firmly believe your input was far more helpful to me than any other input I had received up to that point. I will definitely turn to you again and refer my friends to you when the occasion requires. I cannot thank you enough.

Bryan Graves
Chief Financial Officer
Trademark Plastics, Inc.

What person or business doesn’t need a constant supply of innovation and inspiration to succeed? For improvement in any area — sales, presentation skills, leadership — Are is the best man for the job. Ara, you are truly an incredible person. I thank you not only for helping me become a more effective public speaker, but also for inspiring me to continue improving in general as a life-long learner.

Matthew Hamel
Senior Accountant
Empyrean Capital Partners

Ara Norwood took me from feeling like a zero to a hero in just 5 sessions. With his expertise in discovery and planning Mr. Norwood provided me with the motivation and tools to go the distance and succeed in fullfilling my goals. Ara Norwood is truly a master of his craft.

Zachary Howard
Santa Clarita, California