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Hello, and thank you for visiting Leadership Development Systems, the home of transformative leadership education. My name is Ara Norwood, and I am the Managing Partner here.

I am thrilled to have you on our website.

Leadership is a concept that often seems intangible, yet it is the cornerstone of a sustainable and strong America. The impact of effective leadership extends far beyond our borders, influencing the world at large. With a passion for this vital subject, I have dedicated my professional life to the study of leadership, striving to embody its principles in my own actions and imparting them to others.

At Leadership Development Systems, we offer an array of powerful resources designed to enhance leadership skills and drive personal growth. While some may refer to what we do as “motivational” speeches, seminars, and workshops, I consider myself more of a lifelong learner who brings together essential ideas on leadership and growth. My aim is to present these ideas in compelling ways that resonate with fellow lifelong learners like you.

Please take your time to explore our website. Whether you’re planning a business meeting, conference, retreat, or any learning intervention, we believe that our ideas and expertise can make a profound difference.

We invite you to discover how our innovative approach to leadership development can benefit you and your organization.

Thank you for visiting Leadership Development Systems. We look forward to the opportunity to inspire and empower you on your leadership journey.


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    Personalized guidance to help clarify goals, develop skills,
    and overcome challenges, enabling personal and professional growth.

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    Facilitate effective communication, problem-solving, and
    decision-making within teams or organizations

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    Interactive events designed to foster learning
    and provide practical skills

  • Speaking

    Engaging, inspiring, captivating, and sometimes
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