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Building Your Power of Expression Preen v. Pronunciation: prēn Meaning: While this word is often found in the field of ornithology (the study of birds – i.e., when a bird cleans its feathers with its beak, it is preening itself) the word also pertains to people who are busy making themselves look attractive and/or admiring […]
Building Your Power of Expression Superimpose v. Pronunciation: ˌso͞op(ə)rəmˈpōz Meaning: To place or lay one thing over another, typically so that both are still evident. Usage: The number will appear on the screen, superimposed on a flashing button. She tried to superimpose her ideas of perfection onto the lazy habits of her children. I’m wondering, […]
Building Your Power of Expression Jettison, v. Pronunciation: ˈjedəsən, ˈjedəzən Meaning: To abandon or discard something (or someone) that is no longer needed or wanted. Usage: We had one too many bulldozers on the project so we jettisoned one of them. Since we no longer need any of the temp workers, let’s jettison them – […]
Building Your Power of Expression Farcical, adj. Pronunciation: ˈfärsək(ə)l Meaning: When something is described as farcical, it is being associated with being a farce, especially due to its ridiculous aspects or its absurd properties. Usage: The presentation was so odd and disjointed that it bordered on the farcical. His account of what happened revealed that […]
Building Your Power of Expression Redound(ed), v. Pronunciation: rəˈdound (ed) Meaning: To contribute greatly to a person’s credit or honor. Usage: His latest diplomatic effort truly redounded to his credit. Any good parent would prefer to mete out punishment that redounded to the benefit of the child rather than simply repaying the child for the […]
Building Your Power of Expression Inveigh, v. Pronunciation: inˈvā Meaning: To inveigh is to speak or write about something with great hostility. Usage: Netanyahu’s government inveighed against any institution or nation-state that gave aid to Hamas. Because one particular politician opted to inveigh on the subject of immigration for over an hour, the debate went […]
Building Your Power of Expression Inimical, adj. Pronunciation: iˈnimək(ə)l Meaning: Something that is inimical tends to bring harm. Think in terms of unfriendly or hostile. Usage: I cannot go along with their plan, as it is inimical to our interests. Some of the illegal aliens who are pouring into our country have inimical tendencies that […]
Building Your Power of Expression Inchoate, adj. Pronunciation: inˈkōət, ˈinkəˌwāt Meaning: Sometimes a person will get a basic idea in their head, but the idea is not fully formed. It is still taking shape. In such instances, we could say such a person has a still inchoate idea sprouting. Anything that is still undeveloped or […]
Building Your Power of Expression Reify, v. Pronunciation: ˈrēəˌfī Meaning: To reify is to take something that is abstract and render it more concrete or real. It is to give definite content and form to a concept or idea. It is often used in the past tense. Usage: With this constraint, many of the possible […]
Building Your Power of Expression Vanguard, n. Pronunciation: ˈvanˌɡärd Meaning: In a military context, this word referenced the foremost part of an advancing army or naval force. It also is more commonly used in reference to a group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas. In addition, it could be used to […]
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