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Building Your Power of Expression Blinkered, adj. Pronunciation: ˈbliNGkərd Meaning: Those in the equestrian world might refer to a blinker as something that serves as a blinder for a horse. More broadly, it can refer to a person who has a narrow or limited outlook on a situation. Usage: I consider your approach both small-minded […]
Building Your Power of Expression Intuit, v. Pronunciation: inˈt(y)o͞oət Meaning: To intuit is to understand, comprehend, or work out by instinct. Usage: I intuited his real identity. I need to do a little more intuiting before I can decide on a proper course. Please revisit the documents and see what you can intuit from them.
Building Your Power of Expression Paramour, n. Pronunciation: ˈperəˌmo͝or Meaning: Please don’t be a paramour. And please don’t acquire a paramour. A paramour is a lover – typically, however, a lover who is involved with someone married to someone else. If you are a married man and you have a paramour, you have a mistress. […]
Building Your Power of Expression Variegated, adj. Pronunciation: ˈver(ē)əˌɡādəd Meaning: Exhibiting different colors, especially as irregular patches or streaks. The word can also denote something that is marked by variety. Usage: The end result was a collection of variegated yellow bricks I was captivated by his variegated and amusing observations. The teenager’s variegated hair glowed […]
Building Your Power of Expression Nostrums, n. Pronunciation: ˈnästrəms Meaning: A nostrum is a word that can be used in two distinct contexts. For instance, in the field of pharmaceuticals, a nostrum could be a medicine of some sort, especially one that is not truly effective or legitimate, often prepared by a quack. But a […]
Building Your Power of Expression Puerile, adj. Pronunciation: ˈpyo͝orəl, ˈpyo͝orˌīl Meaning: This word refers to things that are childishly silly and trivial. When someone is being puerile, they are demonstrating a lack of maturity, seriousness, or good judgment. Think infantile, juvenile, inane, etc. Usage: The argument, as currently presented, betrays a rather puerile tint that […]
Building Your Power of Expression Panache, n. Pronunciation: pəˈnaSH, pəˈnäSH Meaning: Flamboyant confidence of style or manner. Usage: The line uttered by Clint Eastwood’s character in describing John Malkovich’s character was: “Oh, he’ll call again. He’s got, uh, panache.” He entertained Palm Springs society with great panache. It was a demanding role, but he carried […]
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