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Well, what do you know – another infusion of Uncommon Sense. It’s great to have you back. I have some important things to share. So prepare to sink your teeth into some provocative wisdom. We all know we have moral obligations we need to honor. But one particular moral obligation may have escaped your notice. […]
Moral Obligations
In reference to one of my clients, my largest client – a Fortune 100 corporation – I recently described my working environment in this column earlier this month (See Issue #307), touching on how my workstation is outfitted. No one is presently assigned to the cubicle on my left, right next to my cubicle. A […]
The Radicalization of Colleges and Universities
I am, among other things, a college professor. As a result of that part of my professional life, I tend to pay attention to how college students comport themselves – not only in my own classes, but at other colleges and universities around the country (and even globally to a degree). It’s a fascinating undertaking. […]
Your Interview Roadmap
Perhaps you have become displaced in your job. Perhaps you have been “let go,” for whatever reason, or perhaps you see layoffs in the forecast. You may be vulnerable. Or it could be that you are gainfully employed but you are burned out, unmotivated, and looking for a new challenge. While you will be scrambling […]
Automatic Rejection
Fans of Jimi Hendrix are sometimes astonished to learn that the popular Hendrix tune “All Along the Watchtower” is actually a cover tune of a song originally composed by Bob Dylan. For those not clear on what I mean by the term “cover,” periodically some artist or band will record a song that is a […]
Building Your Power of Expression Indomitable,  adj. Pronunciation: inˈdämədəb(ə)l Meaning: Impossible to subdue or defeat. Usage: Forget it; you cannot stop him for he is of an indomitable disposition. If we defeat last season’s champion, it is safe to say we will be, for all intents and purposes, indomitable. I’m not the least bit worried […]
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