The home of Uncommon Sense: Providing Clarity, Promoting Intelligence
Glad to see you’ve got the latest issue of Uncommon Sense before your eyes. Let’s unpack this issue. The Self-Development Column gives you some sound advice about charting your course, whether you are part of an organization, or whether you are approaching achievement from an individual perspective. The Elephant in the Room column addresses the […]
The Problem with Vision Statements
In both my professional work, and as a college professor in the School of Business where I teach, I often help individuals and organizations get clarity around matters that pertain to culture. I help clients work on getting clear on things like their governing values, the personal or corporate mission statement, perhaps their vision statement, […]
The Ethical Conundrum of an Open Border
It’s really no secret that the current administration decided to ignore immigration law and open up our southern borders.  Doing so could not possibly be an accident – as Republican Senator John Kennedy from Louisiana once stated, “No one is that incompetent.  It has to be by design.” Why would a President of the United […]
The Real Meaning of “Full Stop!”
I recently (Issue #302) wrote about bullying in this column. I received a lot of feedback on that piece, and it got me thinking about bullying even further. It has since occurred to me that a less violent form of bullying often occurs in more professional settings by insecure individuals who wish to push their […]
Building Your Power of Expression Superimpose v. Pronunciation: ˌso͞op(ə)rəmˈpōz Meaning: To place or lay one thing over another, typically so that both are still evident. Usage: The number will appear on the screen, superimposed on a flashing button. She tried to superimpose her ideas of perfection onto the lazy habits of her children. I’m wondering, […]
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