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Welcome back to another dose of Uncommon Sense! I really enjoyed putting Issue #291 together for you. And while I am now age 65, I will still be around doing this when I’m 75, and you receive Issue #525, and even when I am 85, and you receive Issue #765. In the Self-Development column, I […]
The Sand in the Hourglass
Most of us squander the most precious resource we have – our time. A lot of this is due to poor planning. Sometimes it is due to a lack of clarity around our sense of purpose. And both of those remain our own responsibility. Let’s start with the second one. Our life, our very existence, […]
Another Example of Confronting the Left
In the previous issue of Uncommon Sense, I shared with you a letter I wrote to the Mary L. Stephens – Davis Branch Library up in Davis, California. If you recall, I was confronting a male librarian who had invited Sophia Lorey, a former college soccer player, to give a speech at the library about […]
Is Your Résumé Overdue For an Overhaul?
Your résumé is one of the most important tools in your arsenal as far as your career is concerned. You rarely can secure a job interview unless you first present a sharp looking résumé, one that presents you in the best possible light. However, most résumés fall far short of capturing the attention of recruiters […]
On Being a Teacher
Fundamentally, I am a teacher. That entails my acquiring knowledge from many sources and dispensing that disparate knowledge in coherent ways to unformed minds. Teachers make contributions to society only indirectly. We don’t directly build bridges, create new technologies, or provide landscaping services. We don’t heal people using pharmaceuticals, nor do we judge legal cases, […]
Building Your Power of Expression Blinkered, adj. Pronunciation: ˈbliNGkərd Meaning: Those in the equestrian world might refer to a blinker as something that serves as a blinder for a horse. More broadly, it can refer to a person who has a narrow or limited outlook on a situation. Usage: I consider your approach both small-minded […]
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