The home of Uncommon Sense: Providing Clarity, Promoting Intelligence
We live in interesting times – and that is an understatement! While people seem amped up about Artificial Intelligence, a technological tool that appears to be the “next big thing” since the widespread use of the Internet, Alan Weiss, the “Rock Star of Consulting” has penned a poignant piece that I share in the Self-Development […]
Guest Editorial by Alan Weiss of Summit Consulting
When I was very young, a man would come around the neighborhood with a grindstone on his back ringing a large bell. He would settle on a corner and sharpen knives and scissors for five cents each. Women, of course, were home, and would send their kids down to provide the man with their blades […]
Why Israel? Why the Jews?
I was recently asked by someone to write my thoughts on the recent events that took place beginning on October 7th in Israel. I am not happy to do so, but I am willing to do so. We need to begin with an understanding of the origins of both Israel and the Jewish people. This […]
Is Your Résumé Overdue For an Overhaul?
Your résumé is one of the most important tools in your arsenal as far as your career is concerned. You rarely can secure a job interview unless you first present a sharp looking résumé, one that presents you in the best possible light. However, most résumés fall far short of capturing the attention of recruiters […]
The Mysterious Power of Questions
Questions are our most potent intellectual tool. They are the most significant arrows in our intellectual quiver. How questions are framed really matter. Change just a few words, modify the syntax, and you could get a very different answer. I credit Gordon Allport for this pithy story to illustrate this: Two Catholic Priests were engaged […]
Building Your Power of Expression Secretion, n. Pronunciation: səˈkriSH(ə)n Meaning: A process by which substances are produced and discharged from a cell, gland, or organ for a particular function in the organism or for excretion. I often use the term symbolically, in its non-scientific contexts. Usage: His endless blather was like the inky secretions of […]
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