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Christmas is right around the corner, and I hope you are looking forward to a memorable Christmas season. My Christmas gift to you is this latest issue of Uncommon Sense. The Self-Development column covers the power of listening, as well as the consequences of not listening. In The Elephant in the Room column, we continue […]
The Consequences of Failing to Listen
I was preparing for some traveling recently. I was going to take a road trip but I wanted to find a gym to go to so I wouldn’t miss my workout routines. I Google-searched the gyms located in the area where I would be and called the first one, which happened to be a Planet […]
Inside the Transgender Empire – Part 3 of 5 By Christopher F. Rufo
The Synthesis of All Oppressions Another place my investigation of the trans movement has taken me is Highland Park, Michigan, a city of roughly 9,000 residents located about six miles north of downtown Detroit. Highland Park has been plagued by poverty, violence, and crime for decades. Many of its homes and businesses have been abandoned […]
Norwood to Offer Three Classes
I am pleased to announce I have been asked to teach three online classes at College of the Canyons starting in February. Being online classes, that means anyone in the world can enroll, as the classes are asynchronous, meaning anyone enrolled can review lectures and assignments in an online portal called Canvas, any day or […]
When Thought Leaders Give Bad Advice. . .
Brené Brown is a popular thought-leader with a devoted following. I have only scant familiarity with her work and don’t have an opinion on the few things of hers that I’ve read or heard in the past. However, recently I was sitting in a meeting where the presenter was using PowerPoint slides. The final slide […]
Building Your Power of Expression Reify, v. Pronunciation: ˈrēəˌfī Meaning: To reify is to take something that is abstract and render it more concrete or real. It is to give definite content and form to a concept or idea. It is often used in the past tense. Usage: With this constraint, many of the possible […]
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