The home of Uncommon Sense: Providing Clarity, Promoting Intelligence
Hello and welcome back to the world of ideas with this latest installment of Uncommon Sense! You are going to get exposed to an important leadership concept in the Self-Development column. And contrary to common practice, we do a little celebrating for a change with The Elephant In The Room column. I share some observations […]
I want to alert you to 5 individuals I am deeply drawn to. Let me describe them. Person #1 is an individual that is sinking in the mire of extreme poverty. Being impoverished and destitute, he is unable to even afford to attend school and is dependent on being self-taught to gain any measure of […]
Confronting the Leftist Hydra, and Winning!
I often use this column to raise the warning voice of the dangers facing our nation from the rotten stench of the Woke-Left. In that sense, I am somewhat of a Jeremiah. However, while those dangers are very real, I think it high time I take a moment and point out the great work that […]
Norwood Delivers a Highly Productive Seminar
I recently received an invitation to pinch-hit for a colleague who had a client engagement that required a seminar leader with expertise in team productivity. That colleague turned to me. Although it was somewhat last minute, it was my honor to fly back east for a weekend gig involving a full-day seminar I was to […]
On Sensitivity
A few months ago, I found myself in a Chipotle restaurant. This was in the winter. It was around 9:00 PM when I was finished eating and I was ready to leave. It was dark outside. I had parked my car in a side parking lot that had no lighting at all, so it was […]
Building Your Power of Expression Nostrums, n. Pronunciation: ˈnästrəms Meaning: A nostrum is a word that can be used in two distinct contexts. For instance, in the field of pharmaceuticals, a nostrum could be a medicine of some sort, especially one that is not truly effective or legitimate, often prepared by a quack. But a […]
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