The home of Uncommon Sense: Providing Clarity, Promoting Intelligence
So with this issue of Uncommon Sense – my 300th, if you can believe it! – the first month of the year 2024 comes to a close. How was your first month? Are you living at a higher level than in the past? Or have you quietly reverted back to old habits? If so, this […]
The Trade-Offs in Goal Setting
In our pursuit of achievement, we set goals. We do so in order to rack up a steady stream of accomplishments. That is what forward-thinking people, like readers of Uncommon Sense, do in an effort to keep self-development front and center in their lives. In my early years of self-development, say, in my 20s, I […]
The Diversity and Inclusion Scam
On the heals of Dennis Prager’s article, “The Diversity Con,” which appeared in this column earlier this month (see Issue #299), I decided to add my own observations about the DEI movement which is so fashionable and almost ubiquitous in our society, thanks to Left-wing activism. Although this column won’t address the “E” in DEI, […]
Your Interview Roadmap
Perhaps you have become displaced in your job. Perhaps you have been “let go,” for whatever reason, or perhaps you see layoffs in the forecast. You may be vulnerable. Or it could be that you are gainfully employed but you are burned out, unmotivated, and looking for a new challenge. While you will be scrambling […]
Of Reveries and Elegies
There is in the music of various modern-day composers a certain mesmerizing quality that enables one to become lost in one’s thoughts, or transported, however temporarily, to a higher plane. The musical project dubbed VNV Nation (Victory Not Vengeance Nation) has produced a moving piece titled “As It Fades” which can only be described as […]
Building Your Power of Expression Inveigh, v. Pronunciation: inˈvā Meaning: To inveigh is to speak or write about something with great hostility. Usage: Netanyahu’s government inveighed against any institution or nation-state that gave aid to Hamas. Because one particular politician opted to inveigh on the subject of immigration for over an hour, the debate went […]
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