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Welcome back for a supercharged dose of reality! The Self-Development column discusses some important content around our relationships. Check it out and then take desirable action that will help you maintain good connections. NPR (National Public Radio) was in the news recently. It turns out that while they say publicly that they are very open […]
Distinguishing Between Friends and Acquaintances
To this day, one of my favorite rock band is The Who. Pete Townshend, the guitarist and primary composer (he wrote almost all of their songs) churned out an impressive body of work over the decades. Who can forget hits like Pinball Wizard, Baba O’Reilly, Slip Kid, or Join Together? But even some of his […]
The NPR Miasma
National Public Radio was in the news this month. One of their senior editors, a man named Uri Berliner, who had been employed by NPR for 25 years, had seen some troubling things at the media outlet. Now, I should say that Uri Berliner is no Conservative. He’s been a Democrat-voting liberal all of his […]
Revisiting the Ethical Conundrum of an Open Border
Two issues ago, in Uncommon Sense #304, I wrote about the ethical issues surrounding the Biden Administration’s open border policy. One of the comments I made in that article read as follows: “In Denver, it has gotten so out of control that citizens of Denver are now being asked to open their homes to the […]
What Social Media Does To Us
I recently posted something fairly innocuous on social media. I was commenting on the beauty and the virtue of a certain edifice of sacred significance, a place of profound meaning and enlightenment. There shouldn’t have been anything controversial about what I said. And yet, a certain small but deeply troubled demographic that lurks among us […]
Building Your Power of Expression Acrid adj. Pronunciation: ˈakrəd Meaning: Originally, acrid referred to anything having a repugnant taste or smell. It has come to be applied to anything that can be said to be angry or bitter. Usage: She posted many things with an acrid, near-hysterical shrillness that was very off-putting. Try to calm […]
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