The home of Uncommon Sense: Providing Clarity, Promoting Intelligence
Great to have you back for another dose of Uncommon Sense! I think you are going to get a lot of value out of this issue! In the Self-Development column, you will find a formula for nullifying the ill-effects of a terrible phenomenon that plagues all of us. Read it and implement my formula. The […]
Slaying the Boiled Frog
There are forces all around us that pull us into the vortex of mediocrity and slothfulness. I call this tendency The Boiled Frog Syndrome. Most of you have heard about this metaphor. The short version is that if a healthy frog is dropped in a pot of boiling water, that frog with take immediate, decisive […]
Confronting the Left
Recently a library up in northern California invited a woman named Sophia Lorey, a former college athlete, to come to their library and deliver a speech about what it’s like being a college athlete. Ms. Lorey graciously accepted the invitation, but during her speech, she made a comment about how men who pretend they are […]
Is Your Résumé Overdue For an Overhaul?
Your résumé is one of the most important tools in your arsenal as far as your career is concerned. You rarely can secure a job interview unless you first present a sharp looking résumé, one that presents you in the best possible light. However, most résumés fall far short of capturing the attention of recruiters […]
On Social Science
What’s with the new fad of claiming one is a Digital Creator? What are they creating, apart from a persona? What does it even mean? At first, I thought it sounded kind of unique: “What do you for a living?” “Oh, I’m a Digital Creator. . .” “A what?!” But I’ve begun to notice that […]
Building Your Power of Expression Intuit, v. Pronunciation: inˈt(y)o͞oət Meaning: To intuit is to understand, comprehend, or work out by instinct. Usage: I intuited his real identity. I need to do a little more intuiting before I can decide on a proper course. Please revisit the documents and see what you can intuit from them.
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