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Can you believe we are about to march into the final quarter of the year? How have you performed thus far in 2023? Has it been successful for you? Well, it’s about to get more successful for you. Read on. We all know it’s the speakers who are the leaders, and I use the Self-Development […]
How To Be “On”
Recently I was the opening speaker at a conference. I was to be followed by another speaker who would close out the conference. Happily, I was prepared. I had crafted a powerful message, had rehearsed it carefully, and when it came time to deliver it, I did so in a compelling manner. It was a […]
What We Can Learn from Day 1 of the Biden Impeachment Inquiry
While Donald Trump, both as President of the United States, and also to the present day, has been the subject of multiple witch-hunts and hoxes perpetrated by Leftist-Democrats and the media ever since he announced his intent to run for President on June 16, 2015, and has been formally impeached by Congress not once but […]
Incident in Broward County
A news item caught my eye this week. The incident in question took place on July 10th of this year; I’m writing about it now because an arrest took place just this week following an anonymous tip. Back in July, a man by the name of Marc Cohen, age 63, was taking his wife out […]
Building Your Power of Expression Parsimony, n. Pronunciation: ˈpärsəˌmōnē Meaning: Parsimony refers to a rather austere commitment to frugality, or an aversion to spending money or other resources. Usage: I think you need to have a little parsimony injected into your brain; your spending habits are out of control! A great tradition of public design […]
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