Gay Pride Month: Some Questions

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Gay Pride Month: Some Questions
It is an undeniable phenomenon that when it comes to Gay Pride Month – or anything concerning the LGBTQIA2S+ movement – that if you utter a word, if you articulate so much as a single syllable that involves anything other than total acceptance and partiality, you will be on the receiving end of some vicious […]
The Radicalization of Colleges and Universities
I am, among other things, a college professor. As a result of that part of my professional life, I tend to pay attention to how college students comport themselves – not only in my own classes, but at other colleges and universities around the country (and even globally to a degree). It’s a fascinating undertaking. […]
The Rogue Prosecutor Movement
I recently listened to an eye-opening and very disturbing speech by a man named Charles Stimson. Stimson is the deputy director of the Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies. Here are some of the eye-opening things I learned from Mr. Stimson. Roughly 90% of criminal cases in our country are handled by […]
The NPR Miasma
National Public Radio was in the news this month. One of their senior editors, a man named Uri Berliner, who had been employed by NPR for 25 years, had seen some troubling things at the media outlet. Now, I should say that Uri Berliner is no Conservative. He’s been a Democrat-voting liberal all of his […]
Whence Cometh Evil?
Life can be tough. Very tough. There is much human suffering that is brought about by what seem to be normal occurrences of life: disease, injuries, even the incapacitations that come from life-enhancing medical procedures such as surgeries, as the patient needs patience as she heals, slowly, burdened every day by immobility until the healing […]
The Ethical Conundrum of an Open Border
It’s really no secret that the current administration decided to ignore immigration law and open up our southern borders.  Doing so could not possibly be an accident – as Republican Senator John Kennedy from Louisiana once stated, “No one is that incompetent.  It has to be by design.” Why would a President of the United […]
The Slow Erosion of the Rule of Law
Some of you more partisan types will mistakenly imagine this column is about vindicating Donald Trump. It is not. Trump may or may not be guilty of inflating the value of his properties, for which he is currently facing a trial in a court of law brought on by Fulton County (Atlanta) District Attorney Fani […]
The Unethical Washington Post by Bill Ackman
Originally posted on X (formerly Twitter) on February 10, 2024.   I am sure all of us have had the experience of reading a story about a subject you know well and finding it replete with inaccuracies and falsehoods. One then turns the page and reads an article about a subject one knows less […]
What’s Ethical About That?
There were a number of incidents in the news this past week, all of them troubling, that raise a number of questions. Some of those questions touch on the issue of ethics. See where you land on these recent news episodes. Sonny Hostin of the popular gabfest The View has always maintained that black people […]
The Diversity and Inclusion Scam
On the heals of Dennis Prager’s article, “The Diversity Con,” which appeared in this column earlier this month (see Issue #299), I decided to add my own observations about the DEI movement which is so fashionable and almost ubiquitous in our society, thanks to Left-wing activism. Although this column won’t address the “E” in DEI, […]
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