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The Rage of LGBT Activism

Of all the factions that claim marginalized status in our culture today, the LGBT crowd is a fascinating case study in both self-fulfilling prophecy and projection. LGBT activists (which are distinct from the average LGBT person) have a vested interest in seeing themselves as victims – perpetually. They walk around with the deep-seated need to be outraged 24/7 while at the same time projecting bombast and minacious caginess as they intimidate and cajole others to submit to their ever-growing demands.

In the previous issue of Uncommon Sense (Issue #309) I raised a number of questions about the validity of LGBT radicals commandeering the entire month of June to celebrate their agenda. In that column I included an LGBT meme that shined a light on the tone and decorum of LGBT activism.  Turns out social media platforms such as Facebook were aflame with LGBT-oriented memes, both pro and con. One of those memes is posted here with this column. I first spotted it on the Facebook Wall of an activist-lesbian named Robyn Adamson. Ms. Adamson imagined that the meme put the rest of us in checkmate. One of her activist friends named Dave quipped: “Says it all, doesn’t it!“ I disagreed. I posted the following in response:

”What it says, Dave, if Robyn is even correct (which has not yet been established) is that since scientists have identified 1.2 million species, 1500 of them would equate to 0.125% — an abnormally LOW number. That means that if Robyn is correct with her 1500 number, homosexuality is NOT natural in any way, shape, or form.”

Whatever you may think of my counter-argument, what I find instructive is how Robyn responded to it. Robyn sent me a private message that read as follows:

“How dare you, you insignificant piece of sh*t. You have some twisted bullsh*t going on in your head so you come to my page and DEGRADE people??? You are exactly what is wrong with this world. You’re a creep and are not safe in public spaces.”

And then she blocked me.

Similarly, in a Facebook exchange I was merely an observer of, someone was responding to a post by an activist who was lamenting the fact that Pride Month was coming to a close soon. A fellow I do not know posted this response: “They should keep their sexual preference to themselves, just like the rest of us do.” A woman responded to him as follows: “You’re an *ss hole!” That may well be the extent of her powers of expression and reasoning. . .

I find this very instructive. The radicalized activists among the LGBT are troubled people. They’re not capable of accepting defeat in debate, nor are they capable of interacting with cogent, compelling arguments, nor are they adept at reasoning with passing comments they do not approve of. They call the rest of us haters as they themselves go on and spew hate, unaware of the colossal irony of their projection.

In my case, I am fortunate Robyn limited her response to a profanity-laced belch. Joseph Bailey, age 70, and his wife Gail Bailey, age 69, both from Utah, did not fare so well.

A few weeks ago, during Pride Month, their son, 28-year-old Collin Troy Bailey, brutally murdered both of them in cold blood by shooting them in the head multiple times. Collin Bailey considers himself a girl and uses the name Mia. Evidently his parents did not succumb to Collin’s demands that he be addressed as a female – after all, he wore wigs and lipstick so that, in his own mind, proved he was a female. (Similarly, mere days ago during a Congressional hearing conducted by Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C., Maya Wiley, the CEO of a Left-wing organization, defined a woman as follows: “A woman is a person who says she is.”)

Collin felt that if his parents would not address him as a girl, they have lost their right to live, so he murdered them. He also fired shots at his brother and his brother’s wife, attempting, but failing, to murder them as well. When apprehended by police, Collin Bailey defiantly expressed no remorse for the murder of his parents, claiming he would do it again in a heartbeat. In other words, to this Trans-monster, if you don’t submit to his demands that he be seen as a female, he will kill you.

All of this is hauntingly familiar to the behavior of another 28-year-old, Audrey Hale, who considered herself Trans (i.e., a male) and since she didn’t feel accepted as something she can never be, she went to a Christian school in Nashville in March 2023 and opened fire, murdering 3 innocent adults and three innocent children.

Many gay and lesbian individuals are kind, low-key, and just want to live their lives. In spite of my strong alliance with biblical principles concerning the problematic nature of homosexuality, I know and work with both gay men and lesbian women whom I consider likable and worthy of my respect. They are people, and I treat them with dignity. I work alongside them and have no problem interacting with them. They don’t attempt to shove their sexual orientation down my throat. They are smart, important contributors in the workplace. What they do in their bedroom is none of my business, and they do not try to make it my business. All of us will one day answer to God for the way we conducted ourselves here on earth.

Yet a growing number of LGBT activist-radicals have demonstrated by their behavior that they cannot be reasoned with, that their skills at social interaction are awful, and that their entire lives revolve around their peculiar sexual proclivities. Such activists demand tolerance – even full-scale acceptance – of their agenda. Yet these same unhappy radicals, perpetually struggling with an internal misery brought about by their choices, would never imagine offering the same measure of tolerance to others who refuse to proffer an unconditional surrender to their agenda.

And that, my friends, is the latest elephant in the room.

Ara Norwood is a multi-faceted and results-oriented professional. Spanning a multiplicity of disciplines including leadership, management, innovation, strategy, service, sales, business ethics, and entrepreneurship. Ara is also a historian, having special expertise on the era of the founding of our republic.
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