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Be An Innovator: Here’s How
We are a nation of conformists. Something gets invented (the smart phone, the microwave oven, the seatbelt, the calculator, Velcro) and we behave like we have reached the pinnacle of possibilities with that invention. And we settle. We conform. We become complacent. Here’s a thought: You – yes you – can be an innovator. You […]
What’s Ethical About That?
There were a number of incidents in the news this past week, all of them troubling, that raise a number of questions. Some of those questions touch on the issue of ethics. See where you land on these recent news episodes. Sonny Hostin of the popular gabfest The View has always maintained that black people […]
The Internet and its Unintended Consequences
There is an old saying that’s been around for a while: “Be careful what you wish for.” There are times that we wish for things, and actually attain things, that may seem like a good idea at the time, but then we end up regretting the decision. That is because often times there are unintended […]
Building Your Power of Expression Redound(ed), v. Pronunciation: rəˈdound (ed) Meaning: To contribute greatly to a person’s credit or honor. Usage: His latest diplomatic effort truly redounded to his credit. Any good parent would prefer to mete out punishment that redounded to the benefit of the child rather than simply repaying the child for the […]
The Trade-Offs in Goal Setting
In our pursuit of achievement, we set goals. We do so in order to rack up a steady stream of accomplishments. That is what forward-thinking people, like readers of Uncommon Sense, do in an effort to keep self-development front and center in their lives. In my early years of self-development, say, in my 20s, I […]
The Diversity and Inclusion Scam
On the heals of Dennis Prager’s article, “The Diversity Con,” which appeared in this column earlier this month (see Issue #299), I decided to add my own observations about the DEI movement which is so fashionable and almost ubiquitous in our society, thanks to Left-wing activism. Although this column won’t address the “E” in DEI, […]
Of Reveries and Elegies
There is in the music of various modern-day composers a certain mesmerizing quality that enables one to become lost in one’s thoughts, or transported, however temporarily, to a higher plane. The musical project dubbed VNV Nation (Victory Not Vengeance Nation) has produced a moving piece titled “As It Fades” which can only be described as […]
Building Your Power of Expression Inveigh, v. Pronunciation: inˈvā Meaning: To inveigh is to speak or write about something with great hostility. Usage: Netanyahu’s government inveighed against any institution or nation-state that gave aid to Hamas. Because one particular politician opted to inveigh on the subject of immigration for over an hour, the debate went […]
Be a Contributor
We have a moral obligation to develop ourselves. That’s what this entire column, found in each issue of Uncommon Sense, is all about – developing ourselves in myriad ways, be it physically, intellectually, financially, spiritually, socially, or in other ways. One of the reasons it is a moral imperative to develop ourselves is because by […]
Excerpt from the Foreword to The Diversity Con by Dennis Prager
For my bar mitzvah I was given a book about great Jewish athletes. Aside from the predictable jokes about it being a short book, padded with large photos and print, I had little interest in it. One would have expected the book to be a home run as a gift for the teenage Dennis Prager. […]
On Regret
There is a falsehood floating around out there in the form of this phrase: “I have no regrets.” How is that possible? Life, if lived to any degree or capacity, is loaded with regrets. How many people have fantasized about going back in time to their beginnings and starting all over again, and being able […]
Building Your Power of Expression Inimical, adj. Pronunciation: iˈnimək(ə)l Meaning: Something that is inimical tends to bring harm. Think in terms of unfriendly or hostile. Usage: I cannot go along with their plan, as it is inimical to our interests. Some of the illegal aliens who are pouring into our country have inimical tendencies that […]
Explode to Greatness!
Leo Long was something of a phenomenon. After attaining All American honors on the Track & Field team at Stanford University in the Javelin, he started coaching at Los Altos High School in Northern California, where he built a Track & Field dynasty, winning the Santa Clara Valley Athletic League (SCVAL) championships every single year […]
Inside the Transgender Empire – Parts 4 and 5 of 5 By Christopher F. Rufo
Part 4: Frankenstein Redux In 1818, Mary Shelley wrote the famous novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus. The premise of the book is that modern science, stripped from the constraints of ethics and nature, will end up creating monsters. “Trans-affirming” doctors are the post-modern version of the book’s protagonist, Doctor Frankenstein. According to survey data, […]
Bite Force
Perhaps my all-time favorite television show is 24 starring Kiefer Sutherland. The show is an action thriller featuring a character named Jack Bauer (played by Sutherland) who works for a Federal Agency called CTU (Counter-Terrorism Unit). Jack Bauer is constantly doing 24-hour stints in foiling terrorist plots, although he himself is occasionally captured by the […]
Building Your Power of Expression Inchoate, adj. Pronunciation: inˈkōət, ˈinkəˌwāt Meaning: Sometimes a person will get a basic idea in their head, but the idea is not fully formed. It is still taking shape. In such instances, we could say such a person has a still inchoate idea sprouting. Anything that is still undeveloped or […]
The Consequences of Failing to Listen
I was preparing for some traveling recently. I was going to take a road trip but I wanted to find a gym to go to so I wouldn’t miss my workout routines. I Google-searched the gyms located in the area where I would be and called the first one, which happened to be a Planet […]
Inside the Transgender Empire – Part 3 of 5 By Christopher F. Rufo
The Synthesis of All Oppressions Another place my investigation of the trans movement has taken me is Highland Park, Michigan, a city of roughly 9,000 residents located about six miles north of downtown Detroit. Highland Park has been plagued by poverty, violence, and crime for decades. Many of its homes and businesses have been abandoned […]
When Thought Leaders Give Bad Advice. . .
Brené Brown is a popular thought-leader with a devoted following. I have only scant familiarity with her work and don’t have an opinion on the few things of hers that I’ve read or heard in the past. However, recently I was sitting in a meeting where the presenter was using PowerPoint slides. The final slide […]
Building Your Power of Expression Reify, v. Pronunciation: ˈrēəˌfī Meaning: To reify is to take something that is abstract and render it more concrete or real. It is to give definite content and form to a concept or idea. It is often used in the past tense. Usage: With this constraint, many of the possible […]
Compete Against Yourself!
I don’t compete with others as a general rule. Instead, I compete against myself. As a young sales professional early in my career, I was given a sales quota of $600,000 for the year. Knowing the nature of the sales realities I was dealing with allowed for the possibility of closing business every week (as […]
Inside the Transgender Empire – Part 2 of 5 By Christopher F. Rufo
From the Fringes to the Center The trans movement was hatched, then, on the fringes of American academia. But how did it move so quickly to the center of American public life? Like many other things, it began with a flood of cash, as some of the wealthiest people in the country began devoting enormous […]
Tone and Style
It’s interesting to realize that the manner in which people communicate, the way in which they carry themselves, seems to have a great deal of pull. I am becoming more and more convinced that people who go into attack mode on Facebook, coming across as hyper-aggressive to the point of being obnoxious, may not actually […]
Building Your Power of Expression Vanguard, n. Pronunciation: ˈvanˌɡärd Meaning: In a military context, this word referenced the foremost part of an advancing army or naval force. It also is more commonly used in reference to a group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas. In addition, it could be used to […]
How To Eradicate Your Slothfulness
All of us, from time to time, get into a sort of funk. We lose our focus. We get “writer’s block.” We get lethargic. We lose our momentum. I know an easy way to stay productive. When you have a list of tasks that need to get accomplished, you undoubtedly write them down somewhere. Some […]
Inside the Transgender Empire – Part 1 of 5 by Christopher F. Rufo
The transgender movement is pressing its agenda everywhere. Most publicly, activist teachers are using classrooms to propagandize on its behalf and activist health professionals are promoting the mutilation of children under the euphemistic banner of “gender-affirming care.” The sudden and pervasive rise of this movement provokes two questions: where did it come from, and how […]
Truth vs. “My Truth”
Whenever I hear someone speak or write in terms of “my truth” or “your truth,” I immediately recognize that truth is not their thing. Opinion is. Truth is simply there. It is not owned by me or by you. We either submit to truth, or we delude ourselves into imagining that whatever opinion or preference […]
Building Your Power of Expression Recalcitrant, adj., n. Pronunciation: rəˈkalsətrənt Meaning: This word describes having an obstinately uncooperative attitude toward authority or discipline. As a noun, it describes a person in possession of such an attitude. Usage: Unfortunately, I was given a class comprised of recalcitrant 15-year-olds. Tommy is a problem child in that he […]
Guest Editorial by Alan Weiss of Summit Consulting
When I was very young, a man would come around the neighborhood with a grindstone on his back ringing a large bell. He would settle on a corner and sharpen knives and scissors for five cents each. Women, of course, were home, and would send their kids down to provide the man with their blades […]
Why Israel? Why the Jews?
I was recently asked by someone to write my thoughts on the recent events that took place beginning on October 7th in Israel. I am not happy to do so, but I am willing to do so. We need to begin with an understanding of the origins of both Israel and the Jewish people. This […]
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