The home of Uncommon Sense: Providing Clarity, Promoting Intelligence
Welcome to a whole new dose of Uncommon Sense. We all would prefer to be perceived as intelligent. The Self-Development Column shows you precisely how to get there. Read it, and apply it, and you’ll do great. I don’t expect much from children who are in adult bodies. Fani Willis is one of those. But […]
Want to be Brilliant? Read Effectively.
When Elon Musk, the wealthiest man on planet earth, was once asked how it was possible that a businessman such as himself knew how to fire rockets into space, he replied, succinctly, “I read books.” Most forward-thinking people read books. But few do so effectively. What do I mean? They are somewhat passive. They are […]
The Slow Erosion of the Rule of Law
Some of you more partisan types will mistakenly imagine this column is about vindicating Donald Trump. It is not. Trump may or may not be guilty of inflating the value of his properties, for which he is currently facing a trial in a court of law brought on by Fulton County (Atlanta) District Attorney Fani […]
Norwood Goes to Ohio
I am excited to announce that a major client of mine has booked me to deliver a full-day workshop to a key team out in Columbus, Ohio. This workshop is a tour de force involving 8 hours of intensity designed to cause a team to come together and embrace a common goal, and map out […]
Eve, The Serpent, and Restraint
I find the entire saga of the Fall of Adam and Eve utterly fascinating and thought provoking. While virtually all of the known Christian dogmas on this consequential occurrence view the Fall with regret, remorse, and disdain (often blaming Eve for succumbing to the temptations of Lucifer, who approached her through the medium of a […]
Building Your Power of Expression Jettison, v. Pronunciation: ˈjedəsən, ˈjedəzən Meaning: To abandon or discard something (or someone) that is no longer needed or wanted. Usage: We had one too many bulldozers on the project so we jettisoned one of them. Since we no longer need any of the temp workers, let’s jettison them – […]
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