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The Slow Erosion of the Rule of Law

Some of you more partisan types will mistakenly imagine this column is about vindicating Donald Trump. It is not. Trump may or may not be guilty of inflating the value of his properties, for which he is currently facing a trial in a court of law brought on by Fulton County (Atlanta) District Attorney Fani Willis. This is one of several legal cases the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee is facing. Let’s review what has happened with the Fani Willis-led case:

Fani Willis campaigned to become District Attorney on the notion of “getting Donald Trump,” meaning, before she was even in office, she had decided to try to use the law to destroy Donald Trump prior to even looking at any evidence. She would come up with a charge and a case once she got enough votes to become DA. She kept her word. Thus, this was a politically motivated legal case.

Fani Willis had a boyfriend named Nathan Wade. So she hired Wade to be the lead prosecutor of Donald Trump, and used funding her office had to compensate Mr. Wade, meanwhile, the two love birds were vacationing together, using such funding to pay for their lavish trips, and they were shacking up together at her place frequently, and basically having a great time – completely violating all ethical norms.

Then, when their love affair became public, they lied under oath many times – a felony – regarding the timing of their love affair, claiming it only began long after Wade was hired. Phone records showed otherwise.

Wade himself once billed for 24 consecutive hours of legal work, a highly unlikely occurrence. 24 straight hours of billable legal work – with no breaks for breakfast, lunch, dinner, sleep, or sex with Fani?

Fani claimed there were no financial conflicts of interest because she reimbursed “her colleague” Mr. Wade for her share of his payments for her plane tickets, cruise tickets, meal costs, vacation hot spots, travel, etc. But she couldn’t prove this because she claimed she paid him in cash and no receipts were ever recorded.

Fani Willis drew upon the “Race Card” repeatedly, both throughout the trial against Trump, the investigation against her, and even during random speeches she made in public, showing that she, a black woman, is obsessed with race and considers all white people racist and out to get her for entirely racist reasons.

Everything about this case fails to pass the smell test.

And yet, Judge Scott McAfee gave Fani and the Democrats who hate Donald Trump a bodacious gift – allowing Fani to stay on the case provide she fire her lover, Nathan Wade, which she promptly did.

Fani Willis lied under oath – a felony. Actually, she demonstrably lied under oath several times on several topics – multiple felonies.

What does a Georgia prosecutor have to do to be disqualified from a case by Judge McAfee? It’s clear that lying under oath won’t do it. It’s clear that committing felonies won’t do it. It’s clear that fraudulently using county funds to line the pockets of her boyfriend which funds, in turn, would be used to bring all sorts of perks to Fani herself, won’t do it.

As the inimitable Victor Davis Hanson of the Stanford Institution put it: “[Judge] McAfee nullified the evidence before him and removed the less culpable of the two guilty parties, given all these illegalities originated with Willis herself.”

Why would a judge, who is sworn to upload the law and execute justice, do that? Is it because he was intimidated by Fani Willis’ constant refrain that any action against her was based on racial animus, and the judge was terrified of being labeled a racist by a racist?

Is it because the judge feels a loyalty to Fani Willis, for whom he once worked, and for whom he donated money to her DA campaign (a clear conflict of interest for which he should have been recused)?

What are the ethical considerations on this case?

I am never surprised when unethical people do unethical things, as Fani Willis did in this case. What floors me is not the Fani Willis’ of the world, but the Judge Scott McAfees of the world who are in a position of power to execute the law dispassionately and without regard to extraneous matters such as past loyalties, race, political ideology, or other “woke” considerations. True, Fani Willis abused her office egregiously. But the Judge overseeing all of this, has decided to suspend law altogether and cut Fani some slack, allowing her disingenuous prosecution (or persecution) of the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee to continue unabated without regard for the putrid way in which she has conducted her “Get Trump” campaign. The very notion of Law seems to be evaporating due to the inaction of the very people appointed to protect it.

And that, my friends, is the latest elephant in the room.

Ara Norwood is a multi-faceted and results-oriented professional. Spanning a multiplicity of disciplines including leadership, management, innovation, strategy, service, sales, business ethics, and entrepreneurship. Ara is also a historian, having special expertise on the era of the founding of our republic.
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