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I hope you enjoyed the Super Bowl yesterday. I missed it entirely because I was too busy putting the finishing touches on this, the 301st issue, of Uncommon Sense. OK, let’s see what we have in this issue of Uncommon Sense. . . The Self-Development column will give you some insights into the world of […]
Be An Innovator: Here’s How
We are a nation of conformists. Something gets invented (the smart phone, the microwave oven, the seatbelt, the calculator, Velcro) and we behave like we have reached the pinnacle of possibilities with that invention. And we settle. We conform. We become complacent. Here’s a thought: You – yes you – can be an innovator. You […]
What’s Ethical About That?
There were a number of incidents in the news this past week, all of them troubling, that raise a number of questions. Some of those questions touch on the issue of ethics. See where you land on these recent news episodes. Sonny Hostin of the popular gabfest The View has always maintained that black people […]
Your Interview Roadmap
Perhaps you have become displaced in your job. Perhaps you have been “let go,” for whatever reason, or perhaps you see layoffs in the forecast. You may be vulnerable. Or it could be that you are gainfully employed but you are burned out, unmotivated, and looking for a new challenge. While you will be scrambling […]
The Internet and its Unintended Consequences
There is an old saying that’s been around for a while: “Be careful what you wish for.” There are times that we wish for things, and actually attain things, that may seem like a good idea at the time, but then we end up regretting the decision. That is because often times there are unintended […]
Building Your Power of Expression Redound(ed), v. Pronunciation: rəˈdound (ed) Meaning: To contribute greatly to a person’s credit or honor. Usage: His latest diplomatic effort truly redounded to his credit. Any good parent would prefer to mete out punishment that redounded to the benefit of the child rather than simply repaying the child for the […]
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