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Welcome back to another dose of Uncommon Sense. Thank you for being loyal readers, and thank you especially for those who forward this publication on to others. I’ve received input showing a big uptick in that. Keep it up! Our Self-Development Column addresses a common time waster many of us in corporate life encounter. I […]
The Great Escape
In case you hadn’t noticed, we live in complex times. Possibly not as complex as will be the case in, say, the year 2047, but much more complex than was the case in 1847. Many people find it difficult to stay productive. Many people are spinning their wheels. Many people go through the motions in […]
The Rogue Prosecutor Movement
I recently listened to an eye-opening and very disturbing speech by a man named Charles Stimson. Stimson is the deputy director of the Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies. Here are some of the eye-opening things I learned from Mr. Stimson. Roughly 90% of criminal cases in our country are handled by […]
Your Interview Roadmap
Perhaps you have become displaced in your job. Perhaps you have been “let go,” for whatever reason, or perhaps you see layoffs in the forecast. You may be vulnerable. Or it could be that you are gainfully employed but you are burned out, unmotivated, and looking for a new challenge. While you will be scrambling […]
Are We Getting Dumber?
There is a passage in the Hebrew Bible, located within what is referred to as the Wisdom Literature, that has always caught my attention. It’s found in the book of Proverbs, 23rd chapter, 7th verse. In the King James vernacular, it reads as follows: “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” It […]
Building Your Power of Expression Suffuse v. Pronunciation: səˈfyo͞oz Meaning: To gradually spread through or over. . . I often prefer to use this verb in the past tense. Usage: Her cheeks were suffused with color. The first half of the poem was suffused with idealism. The darkness suffused him, seized him, and enveloped him […]
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