Elements of Strategy

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Elements of Strategy
High achievers usually attain great heights because they approach their craft strategically. For those of you who shudder at my use of that over-used word, I sympathize with you. The words strategy, strategic, and strategically are indeed overused, especially in business circles, and often by people who seem not to understand much about the word […]
Moral Obligations
In reference to one of my clients, my largest client – a Fortune 100 corporation – I recently described my working environment in this column earlier this month (See Issue #307), touching on how my workstation is outfitted. No one is presently assigned to the cubicle on my left, right next to my cubicle. A […]
The Great Escape
In case you hadn’t noticed, we live in complex times. Possibly not as complex as will be the case in, say, the year 2047, but much more complex than was the case in 1847. Many people find it difficult to stay productive. Many people are spinning their wheels. Many people go through the motions in […]
Distinguishing Between Friends and Acquaintances
To this day, one of my favorite rock band is The Who. Pete Townshend, the guitarist and primary composer (he wrote almost all of their songs) churned out an impressive body of work over the decades. Who can forget hits like Pinball Wizard, Baba O’Reilly, Slip Kid, or Join Together? But even some of his […]
“My Last Must Be My Best”
I credit one of my very first mentors, a man named Donald W. Atkinson, for introducing me to success literature. This took place back in about 1978 or 1979. Don was a powerhouse speaker and it was he that introduced me to the National Speakers Association, which let to my becoming their youngest ever member […]
The Problem with Vision Statements
In both my professional work, and as a college professor in the School of Business where I teach, I often help individuals and organizations get clarity around matters that pertain to culture. I help clients work on getting clear on things like their governing values, the personal or corporate mission statement, perhaps their vision statement, […]
Want to be Brilliant? Read Effectively.
When Elon Musk, the wealthiest man on planet earth, was once asked how it was possible that a businessman such as himself knew how to fire rockets into space, he replied, succinctly, “I read books.” Most forward-thinking people read books. But few do so effectively. What do I mean? They are somewhat passive. They are […]
How To Bomb Your Next Face-To-Face Job Interview
So your resume attracted someone enough to grant you a job interview. Congratulations! You must have a reasonably good résumé to pull that off. Now you get to “audition” for the job. Will you be as dazzling as was your résumé? Time will tell. Many job interviews still take place over the phone or in […]
Be An Innovator: Here’s How
We are a nation of conformists. Something gets invented (the smart phone, the microwave oven, the seatbelt, the calculator, Velcro) and we behave like we have reached the pinnacle of possibilities with that invention. And we settle. We conform. We become complacent. Here’s a thought: You – yes you – can be an innovator. You […]
The Trade-Offs in Goal Setting
In our pursuit of achievement, we set goals. We do so in order to rack up a steady stream of accomplishments. That is what forward-thinking people, like readers of Uncommon Sense, do in an effort to keep self-development front and center in their lives. In my early years of self-development, say, in my 20s, I […]
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