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2024 is now here, and some of you may have already blown off your initial New Year’s Resolutions. If so, I urge you to course-correct immediately and adopt a mind-set based on determination, seriousness, and commitment. I myself have embraced new habits that are bringing me great results, and I intend to continue to live […]
Be a Contributor
We have a moral obligation to develop ourselves. That’s what this entire column, found in each issue of Uncommon Sense, is all about – developing ourselves in myriad ways, be it physically, intellectually, financially, spiritually, socially, or in other ways. One of the reasons it is a moral imperative to develop ourselves is because by […]
Excerpt from the Foreword to The Diversity Con by Dennis Prager
For my bar mitzvah I was given a book about great Jewish athletes. Aside from the predictable jokes about it being a short book, padded with large photos and print, I had little interest in it. One would have expected the book to be a home run as a gift for the teenage Dennis Prager. […]
Restaurant Promo: The Olive Garden
I really don’t eat out that often anymore. It’s just too expensive. Driving through a place like McDonalds and ordering a Double Quarter Pounder® with Cheese, plus fries and a drink, can cost you somewhere around $14 or more. The food may satisfy your taste buds, but it’s full of grease and is very processed. […]
On Regret
There is a falsehood floating around out there in the form of this phrase: “I have no regrets.” How is that possible? Life, if lived to any degree or capacity, is loaded with regrets. How many people have fantasized about going back in time to their beginnings and starting all over again, and being able […]
Building Your Power of Expression Inimical, adj. Pronunciation: iˈnimək(ə)l Meaning: Something that is inimical tends to bring harm. Think in terms of unfriendly or hostile. Usage: I cannot go along with their plan, as it is inimical to our interests. Some of the illegal aliens who are pouring into our country have inimical tendencies that […]
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