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Welcome back for a supercharged dose of reality!

The Self-Development column discusses some important content around our relationships. Check it out and then take desirable action that will help you maintain good connections.

NPR (National Public Radio) was in the news recently. It turns out that while they say publicly that they are very open to diverse voices, it turns out that their behavior doesn’t match their rhetoric. The Elephant in the Room column explains what happened.

Some people allow their darker sides out when conversing with total strangers on social media. The From Ara’s Journal column shares a recent personal experience I had. You may find it eye opening.

Want to sound more sophisticated? More intelligent? More savvy? Then take a peek at The World of Words column. Adopt that word and utilize it. Doors may well open for you. . .

OK, let’s get started.

Ara Norwood

Ara Norwood is a multi-faceted and results-oriented professional. Spanning a multiplicity of disciplines including leadership, management, innovation, strategy, service, sales, business ethics, and entrepreneurship. Ara is also a historian, having special expertise on the era of the founding of our republic.
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