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Confronting the Leftist Hydra, and Winning!

I often use this column to raise the warning voice of the dangers facing our nation from the rotten stench of the Woke-Left. In that sense, I am somewhat of a Jeremiah. However, while those dangers are very real, I think it high time I take a moment and point out the great work that is being done by many people and organizations to thwart the evil designs of the Leftist radicals. Check out this Baker’s Dozen of recent occurrences and be heartened by the fact that when Conservative Patriots take action, they win and the Leftist Radicals lose!

  1. Arizona State University committed an unforced error. The boondoggle consisted of a group of radicalized, Left-wing, activist professors who took exception to 3 conservative thought-leaders being invited to speak on campus. The campus was home to the T. W. Lewis Center for Personal Development, which was managed by a woman named Ann Atkinson, the Executive Director of the center. Ms. Atkinson had invited radio talk show hosts Dennis Prager and Charlie Kirk, along with Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, to speak at an event called “Health, Wealth, and Happiness.” The event itself was well attended and went off without a hitch. However, about three dozen faculty members, all of them Leftist Radicals, condemned the event via a petition, and claimed the speakers were “purveyors of hate.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Shortly after the event, Ann Atkinson was fired from her job. The Left-wing radicals felt gleeful. But Tom Lewis, who had donated millions of dollars to the university, and for whom the Center was named, was not so gleeful. While he had another $400,000 pledge on deck to give to the university, upon seeing the Leftist activism taking place, he pulled back the money and said he would no longer be donating a penny: “After seeing this level of left-wing hostility and activism, I no longer had any confidence in [the center] to adhere to the terms of our gift, and made the decision to terminate our agreement, effective June 30, 2023. I regret that this decision was necessary, and hope that [the center] and ASU will take strong action to ensure that free speech will always be protected and that all voices can be heard.” ASU got what it deserved. They hired radicals, and they allowed the radicals to do their thing, resulting in the termination of an extremely effective leader, Ann Atkinson. They are now being hit where it counts – in their bottom line.
  2. In the world of women’s sports, the Union Cycliste Internationale did an about face. Previously, this governing body of cycling had allowed men who pretend they are women to compete against actual women, robbing those women of the awards they had worked so hard to earn. But suddenly, the UCI did a 180 and banned all trans cyclists from competition. Men who pretend they are women will no longer be allowed to cheat and rob women from the awards that they worked so hard to earn. A huge win for women’s sports.
  3. The Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts located in Texas sponsored two distinct choirs: the Texas Boys Choir, and the Singing Girls of Texas choir. Predictably, the LGBTQIA2S+ lunatics wished to ruin both choirs by having boys who think they are girls join the girls choir and girls who insist they are actually boys join the boys choir. But the FWAFA School Board shot this down after holding a closed-door session resulting in a 4-2 vote in favor of using biological sex (in other words, sex) as the litmus test of who could join which choir. The chaos fostered by the radicals was suffocated. A great win!
  4. Sometimes it is best just to stand back and allow Left-wing radicals to speak, and thus, to look foolish in the process. This took place with the newest Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson (who cannot define what a woman is) made a mathematically absurd claim re. black babies. This was in reaction to the recent Supreme Court decision to negate Affirmative Action for college admissions. Ms. Jackson had argued in her dissenting opinion that diversity “saves lives” and that it was essential for “marginalized communities.” She made the claim that for “high-risk black newborns, having a black physician more than doubles the likelihood that the baby will live and not die.” Ted Frank, in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, pounced: “A moment’s thought should be enough to realize that this claim is wildly implausible. Imagine if 40% of black newborns died – thousands of dead infants every week. But even so, that’s a 60% survival rate, which is mathematically impossible to double. And the actual survival rate is over 99%. How could Justice Jackson make such an innumerate mistake?”
  5. On the same subject of the Affirmative Action ruling, Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., went a little bonkers with this heated rhetoric: “An extremist Supreme Court has once again reversed decades of settled law, rolled back the march toward racial injustice, and narrowed educational opportunity for all.” She then pulled out here favorite theme, that of vowing to fight, fight, fight: “I won’t stop fighting for young people with big dreams who deserve an equal chance to pursue their future.” But Senator Warren, who had lied about her own heritage, claiming she was native American so she could advance her career, got smacked down fiercely on social media platforms, with some telling her to just “Sit down!”
  6. And, I hasten to add, the very fact that the Supreme Court shot down affirmative action as a means for determining college admissions is a colossal win!
  7. The Springfield Public School District in Missouri was about to be overrun by LGBT indoctrination, as Left-wing radicals insisted the school board adopt a resolution designed to give favoritism and preferred status to homosexuals and transgender activists. But board member Steve Makoski shot down the effort with raw courage and conviction, stating, “As a member of this prestigious board, I am not here to push forward an agenda of sexual identity, . . . rainbow clubs, MAGA groups, Pride, NRA, NAACP, or any other group or faction. This resolution is nothing more than a distraction for our school system. I view this resolution as an attack on these four walls by activists, . . . who constantly try to distract this board from its mission and values. I did not become a member of this board to help facilitate activists and their agenda.” A huge win for sanity and moral clarity.
  8. Even Google was persuaded by clear-thinking employees. During “Pride Month” Google had put together a list of company-promoted LGBTQ+ events in California. One of these events was a “Pride and Drag Show” featuring a twisted and sacrilegious pervert named “Peaches Christ” – but that slimy show was quietly canceled by Google after hundreds of Christian employees (and others) signed a petition labeling the show as a direct attack on “religious beliefs and sensitivities.” Google tried to save face by claiming, falsely, the event was posted initially “without going through our standard events process.” Whatever. It was great to see that even radicalized Google can occasionally listen to reason.
  9. During Pride Month, National Hockey League Commissioner Gary Bettman made the decision not to allow NHL teams to wear LGBTQ-themed jerseys during warms-ups. I congratulate Mr. Bettman for both his courage and his wisdom.
  10. Back to women’s sports: in June, there was a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing titled “Protecting Pride: Defending the Civil Rights of LGBTQ+ Americans.” The hearing to consider testimony from two experts with opposing views. The question centered around whether there was harm or unfairness for men who pretend they are women to compete against women in women’s sports. The position that denied any harm existed was championed by Kelley Robinson, who touts herself as the first queer, black president of the far-Left Human Rights Campaign, the largest gay rights advocacy group in the country. Here is what Ms. Robinson said: “There’s been this news article about men that think they can beat Serena Williams in Tennis. And it just not the case. She is stronger than them.” Former NCAA swimming champion Riley Gaines refuted that statement decisively with this: “Both Serena and Venus lost to the 203rd ranked male tennis player.” Gaines was referring to Karsten Braasch, age 50. After the Williams sisters boasted that either one of them could defeat any male play outside the world’s top 200, Mr. Braasch accepted their challenge and made mince meat out of both sisters, pounding them in back-to-back matches at the 1998 Australian Open. Humbled, Serena Williams later admitted that Andy Murray, a 3-time grand slam winner, could beat her “6-0, 6-0 in 5 to 6 minutes.” It was great to have someone as informed and as prepared as Riley Gaines to soundly debunk and invalidate the false propaganda being spewed at a Senate hearing of this magnitude. Kelley Robinson was humiliated and silenced.
  11. Disney, which has gone ultra-woke in recent years, recently had their stock downgraded by investment advisory company KeyBanc Capital Markets. This caused its stock price to fall. They deserve it.
  12. The New York Times recently reported that parents are getting more involved and pushing back on the LGBT-themed plays that many high school drama departments are trying to perform. As a result, lot’s of LGBT propaganda is being eliminated due to the push back.
  13. Both the Bud Light controversy and the Target Stores controversy are having a warranted effect on both institutions that attempted to indoctrinate and normalize the abnormal by infusing Transgender madness into their products. Maybelline and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, along with the Los Angeles Dodgers are going in the same negative direction thanks to their embracing of Trans propaganda. These companies are hurting, and that is a good thing.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

And that, my friends, is the latest elephant in the room.

Ara Norwood is a multi-faceted and results-oriented professional. Spanning a multiplicity of disciplines including leadership, management, innovation, strategy, service, sales, business ethics, and entrepreneurship. Ara is also a historian, having special expertise on the era of the founding of our republic.
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