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Another Example of Confronting the Left

In the previous issue of Uncommon Sense, I shared with you a letter I wrote to the Mary L. Stephens – Davis Branch Library up in Davis, California. If you recall, I was confronting a male librarian who had invited Sophia Lorey, a former college soccer player, to give a speech at the library about what it was like being a college athlete. During her speech, when Ms. Stephens brought up the fact that women’s sports are being destroyed by men who pretend they are women and who then compete against women in various sporting events, the male librarian interrupted her speech, publicly chided her in front of the audience for misgendering these men by referring to them as men, which is what they are, and then he kicked her out of the library in an attempt to humiliate her. I then shared a copy of the letter I sent to the library challenging that librarian to debate the issue with me (which he won’t do because he’s a coward).

My point in sharing all of that in the previous issue of Uncommon Sense was to encourage others to become more confrontational in combatting the moral contagion known as Leftism.

In this column, I repeat the same process.

Some of you, especially if you are a man and if you listen to the radio, may be familiar with Harry’s Razors. They are a company with a good business model that offers high quality shaving products at a very reasonable price. I have been a huge fan of their products, as well as a customer, for some years.

I recently found out that the owner of Harry’s Razors, a guy named Andy Katz-Mayfield, is a raving Leftist who is completely on board with the Transgender movement and who seeks to support radicalized Left-wing groups that bring real harm to children. So I decided, if you will pardon the pun, to cut ties with Harry’s Razors. And I wanted Andy, their CEO, to understand why. I electronically sent the following letter (which I hope he receives, but probably won’t).

Here is the text of that letter:

September 1, 2023

Andy Katz-Mayfield
Harry’s Razors

Hello Andy:

This is a hard letter for me to write because I have admired you and your company for quite a long time.

Peter Drucker, whom I was privileged to study with in graduate school, once wrote: “Organizations have to have values. But so do people. To be effective in an organization, one’s own values must be compatible with the organization’s values. They do not have to be the same. But they must be close enough so they can coexist.”  While Drucker intended that dynamic to be relevant in an employee-employer setting, I think it also applies to a customer-supplier setting as well.

I have been a huge supporter of Harry’s ever since I first became a customer some years back. I have been one of your strongest advocates, serving as an unofficial ambassador. I have told (and sold) many people about your company over the years. While I don’t have hard data, I am highly confident you have at least several dozen customers thanks, at least in part, to me. I think you make a great product at a fair price and I think your business model is sound. I also think your story is compelling, and as a college professor who teaches, among other things, entrepreneurship, I think you are a model entrepreneur, and I have lectured on your company quite a few times.

Unfortunately, it has come to my attention that you have “come out” as a hard-core man of the Left, using Leftist language such as “birthing parent” rather than “mother,” and “non-birthing parent” for “father” etc. I also understand you have decided, just as Bud-Light did, to partner with a transgender activist, a woman who insists she’s a man (Luke Wesley Pearson) to promote raising money for The Trevor Project, which in turn promotes “pubertal suppression” drugs for minors. So money you would receive from me goes to Transgender causes.

Not anymore, Andy. I am now going to “Bud-Light” you and your company. I am going to inform everyone I talk to about it that I am walking away from your company. I publish a newsletter, Uncommon Sense, and I will write a feature article in the next issue to explain why I am parting ways with you.

Here’s the thing, Andy: you have every right to privately hold such views. I think your views are flawed and wrong on every level when it comes to your love affair with the Transgender community, but you are entitled to think such thoughts if you so choose. But as soon as you use your business enterprise as a vehicle for promoting Transgender causes, then Harry’s Razors, like Bud-Light, like Target, like Maybelline, and others that go down that road, stand to lose customers, just like you are losing me. I’m sure you couldn’t care less because you probably imagine that you are such a principled individual, and that the agenda of the Trans movement is so sacrosanct to you, that you would stand by them and support them even if it meant you go out of business. Fine. I frankly hope you do go out of business. You are supporting something sick, perverted, and monstrously harmful to America and especially harmful to children. If you ever wish to debate the matter with me, publicly or privately, let me know. I’d be all-in for that.

But I know you have better things to do with your time.

Just know that you are losing me as a customer, and whereas I was once one of your most committed advocates, now I am your enemy. We hold values that are not reconcilable.


Ara Norwood
P. O. Box 12983
Chandler, AZ 85248-0034

Again, I very much doubt Andy will even see the letter or be apprised of it. No matter. Someone in their Customer Service Department will see it, and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone from Harry’s Razor’s will reach out to me to “thank me” for my letter, and express their regret at losing me as their customer. That will be their public face. (Their private face – their actual face – will likely be something much more sinister).

Once again, I urge my readers to develop the backbone to cut ties with any businesses that support the Transgender movement or any other aspect of Leftism. And be public about it. We Americans simply have to have the courage to confront evil or we will lose our country, as die-hard Leftists are systematically altering the very fabric of what it means to be an American.

Ara Norwood is a multi-faceted and results-oriented professional. Spanning a multiplicity of disciplines including leadership, management, innovation, strategy, service, sales, business ethics, and entrepreneurship. Ara is also a historian, having special expertise on the era of the founding of our republic.
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