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Learn From Your Rivals

Recently I was having my car worked on.  Sitting with me in the reception area was a man who was also having his car worked on.  Turned out this man, who I judged to be in his late 60s, was … Continue reading

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The Age of Discontinuity

Once upon a time society operated within a structure known as a hunter-gatherer model.  Small bands of perhaps 50 individuals traveled together, roving the countryside.  There wasn’t much theft in such societies, as there wasn’t much to steal.  Wealth (in … Continue reading

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Drucker and Verdi

One of the best examples of someone I knew who consistently “elevated himself through conscious endeavor” was Peter Drucker, whom I was privileged to study with in graduate school.  Drucker was in his 80s when I was his student.  But … Continue reading

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