Michael Sears

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Michael Sears
Ara Norwood is not only an exceptional speaker, trainer and writer, but he is also an amazing leader who cares about making a difference in your life. That is why Ara is in a class all by himself.
Rotary Club of Redlands
You are an excellent communicator and I am honored to have been in the presence of someone so mentally sharp. Thank you for your informative presentation on The Founding Fathers and for sharing your knowledge.
Little Company of Mary Hospital
Your presentation was insightful. The practicality of your talk certainly applies to the healthcare business that we are in, and indeed is applicable to all fields. It certainly is in line with our organization’s goal of developing leadership skills.
National Management Association, City of Burbank Chapter
We would like to extend our thanks for your dynamic presentation at our recent Professional Development luncheon. Your presentation was exciting, informative, timely, and well received by the managers in attendance. The tips you shared can be used to help us all become more insightful and effective managers.
National Speakers Association
A sincere thank you for the fantastic program you delivered to NSA Utah. Your presentation was incredible! The content was valuable to the audience and the accompanying handout was outstanding. I want you to know how much I appreciate the time and effort you devoted to getting my presidential year kicked off with such flair. […]
Princess Cruises
Ara Norwood is a truly inspiring leadership speaker. He manages not only to engage his audience, but his speeches and facilitation are 100% pure inspiration. Ara’s speeches have a more motivating effect than hours and hours of training and Ara’s insightful thoughts are a true gift. I highly recommend Ara without any hesitation.
Paramount Rotary Club
Thanks for your excellent program yesterday. I learned more from you about the Founding Fathers in 30 minutes than I have in 70 years of history classes! Great job!
Health Net of California
Thank you for addressing the Medical Management Leadership of Heath Net. . . Your talk was both stimulating and engaging. We appreciated your call for future challenges to the industry and how you forced us to integrate our ability to cope with these using the skills defined. You left us with much food-for-thought and a […]
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