Michael Sears

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Michael Sears
Ara Norwood is not only an exceptional speaker, trainer and writer, but he is also an amazing leader who cares about making a difference in your life. That is why Ara is in a class all by himself.
Matthew Hamel
What person or business doesn’t need a constant supply of innovation and inspiration to succeed? For improvement in any area — sales, presentation skills, leadership — Are is the best man for the job. Ara, you are truly an incredible person. I thank you not only for helping me become a more effective public speaker, […]
Bonnie Howard
Ara’s dynamic and engaging approach empowers you with specific skills and strategies that will help you nail your future interviews.
Bryan Graves
If I had to name one factor that enabled me to take my career to the next level, I would have to say it was the expertise you brought to the table for our several consultations. You are frankly worth far more than you charged and I firmly believe your input was far more helpful […]
Medical Group Insurance Services
I’ve hired Ara on a number of occasions as a speech writer because, although I’m a reasonably good speech writer myself, I recognize talent when I see it. He’s a very gifted speaker and speech writer, and I anticipate turning to him many times in the future.
Nestle Business Services
Please accept my personal thanks for your recent support to Nestle Business Services and the Nestle family of companies in North America during our Pallet Conference. Your presentation on negotiations was exactly what was needed to help align our internal stakeholders with our strategic sourcing approach. Your effective facilitation of our strategy discussion led to […]
International Trading University
The work you have performed for me and my company in the field of customer service in general, and in the field of leadership in particular, has set you apart from your competition. The curriculum and program materials you developed for me are of the highest quality; your ideas are sound; your ability to teach […]
Los Angeles Times
Having worked in Corporate America for the past 12 years, and having experienced many “trainers”, I can say with confidence that Ara Norwood is in the top 1% of executive educators I have worked with. Ara creates an atmosphere of learning that is top notch. A refreshing change.
Kinko’s Business Solutions
It was a pleasure to be a student in your “Learning Center”. Your level of commitment, enthusiasm, and creativity is considerable. The effort you go through to enrich the learning process is impressive – multimedia (music, movie clips), personal anecdotes and information (your fact & fiction, your guitar music), trivia questions (“This Day in History”), […]
The Advocate/Greenwich Time
Your expert delivery helped make the sales training both valuable and fun! The feedback from the group is still very positive. They especially are finding a great deal of value from the coaching piece.
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