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Paramour, n.

Pronunciation: ˈperəˌmo͝or

Meaning: Please don’t be a paramour. And please don’t acquire a paramour. A paramour is a lover – typically, however, a lover who is involved with someone married to someone else. If you are a married man and you have a paramour, you have a mistress. If you are a married woman and you have a paramour, you have a little fling going on. The outcomes are almost always really, really bad. Avoid paramours. And if you are single, don’t become a paramour to another married person.


  • While in Las Vegas I acquired both a paramour and an STD she so graciously bequeathed to me.
  • To all of the paramours in the world, I wish you luck; you’re going to need it.
  • I would advise you to tone it down on the flirtations or he is going to think you are his paramour.

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