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The Death of Normalcy

Something predictable happened recently, followed by something unfathomable.

First, the predictable.

A young man named Ryan Carson, a 31-year-old poet and community activist, found himself sitting on a bus stop bench in Brooklyn with his girlfriend, 32-year-old Claudia Morales. It was around 4:00 AM, and they had left a wedding reception they had attended on Long Island and were chatting about life. They were in love.

Both Ryan Carson and his girlfriend, Claudia Morales, loved Left-wing causes. Although white, Carson was a big fan of BLM and considered himself an advocate of black identity, black issues, etc. His girlfriend, Claudia Morales once wore a t-shirt to a BLM rally with the letters “AC/AB” on it (“All Cops Are Bastards”). Although they hated cops, clearly the couple was not racist against blacks. They favored blacks and felt that whites were oppressors, and that far too many black people were in jail, not due to having committed a disproportionate number of violent crime (the actual reason they were in jail), but because the country was said to be systemically racist (which is a lie). So the loving couple hated cops and wanted the police to be defunded throughout the country. They were enlightened. They were “woke.”

Enter a young black man, Brian Dowling, age 18, who had serious anger issues along with anti-social tendencies. Dowling walked past them. They said nothing to each other at this moment.

But as Mr. Dowling got about 10 feet away from them, Dowling began violently kicking over various scooters that were parked nearby.

For reasons that will forever puzzle me, the couple decided this would be a good time to stand up and start walking in the direction of Mr. Dowling. Although it didn’t appear that Ryan Carson was attempting to interact with Brian Dowling, Dowling suddenly turned on Carson and shouted, “What the [expletive] are you looking at?”

Carson innocently stated that he wasn’t looking at anything.

With that, Dowling brandished a knife and shouted, “I will kill you!” He charged Carson who had retreated back to the bus stop bench he and his girlfriend had been sitting on, and upon which he tripped. Dowling plunged his knife into Carson’s torso three times, with one of the blows severing the heart. Then he turned on Claudia Morales, who thought she might be next. He spit in her face, then he turned back and kicked Carson several times in the chest, who was lying on the ground, mortally wounded and bleeding to death. Dowling tossed the murder weapon in a trash bin and started to walk away, but then returned to the trash bin and took the knife with him.

All of that was predictable. You have a street thug, who is black, who thinks all whites are racist, and who therefore is racist towards whites. The street thug does not know (nor would he have cared) that the white person he is about to murder believes he is an advocate for blacks. He is full of rage and violent tendencies. He wants to kill.

The white activist Ryan Carson cannot imagine he himself would be targeted by a black thug. After all, he is one of the good guys who is on the black man’s side. He hates the cops just like the black man hates the cops. He and the thug are on the same team as far as he is concerned. He should be safe, right?

Such naïve thinking.

But let’s get to the unfathomable.

The girlfriend, Claudia Morales has just seen a black street thug murder the boyfriend she loves in a most brutal manner. She has also been on the receiving end of that black street thug’s vicious contempt for her, which was shown by spitting in her face, then continuing to kick her dying boyfriend in the chest.

When the police asked Claudia Morales to describe the murderer, she refused to do so. When they specifically ask what the race of the murderer was, she tells the police she refuses to disclose that information.

Did she refuse to do so because she was scared? No.

Did she hide his race because she was too traumatized to remember it? No. She knew he was black.

But she wasn’t about to disclose that detail.

Why not?

Because she believes if she disclosed that the murderer was black, he might get apprehended and arrested, and then be put in prison.

She believes, true to her Left-wing proclivities, that to incarcerate a black man, even one who murders your boyfriend, even one who hates you so much he spits in your face, is a betrayal of progressive ideology.

Claudia Morales is a true believer.

She would rather a black murderer be free to continue to murder other white people than be arrested and charged for committing murder.

To Claudia Morales, the crime of murder is far less severe than the crime of committing what she imagines is the racist act of apprehending a black killer. It doesn’t matter to her that he’s a killer; it matters that he’s black. By focusing on his black skin, she believes she is doing the non-racist thing.

Conclusion: Leftism is a contagion of the conscience. It’s a disease of the soul. It cripples one’s ability to reason, to think clearly, to behave rationally. Leftism renders its victims mute automatons, incapable of processing reality. It causes people like Claudia Morales to behave in a way that is not in her best interests. Her world-view is such that it is better that she herself be butchered by a black criminal, and that the black criminal be free to continue to murder other innocent people, than it is to turn to law enforcement and the justice system and incarcerate the monster who murders – if that monster is black. In her mind, white people are, by nature, oppressors who deserve death at the hands of black murderers. She is convinced of the righteousness of such a position.

Leftism turns otherwise normal people into empty shells comprised of runny brain matter resembling uncooked scrambled eggs.

Ara Norwood is a multi-faceted and results-oriented professional. Spanning a multiplicity of disciplines including leadership, management, innovation, strategy, service, sales, business ethics, and entrepreneurship. Ara is also a historian, having special expertise on the era of the founding of our republic.
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