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Product Promo: Emergency Fire Blanket by Prepared Hero

I love discovering new products that are offered to us by American Entrepreneurs! And here is a product I strongly recommend: an Emergency Fire Blanket by a small business known as Prepared Hero. Joe and Ty launched Prepared Hero just a few years ago. The entire company consists of 16 people who are passionate about emergency preparedness. Folks, if a fire starts in your kitchen, you have mere seconds to respond properly, and any delays due to panic or uncertainty about where the fire extinguisher is located or how to operate it could cost you your entire home if not your life. You must be prepared. Joe and Ty have this wonderful Fire Blanket that you simply toss on top of the fire at its origin and the fire will be extinguished instantly. Click here to get more information or to watch some video demos. I purchased four of them – one more me, and the others are going to various family members. Trust me: you don’t want to get caught off guard when something like a grease fire erupts in your kitchen. Check it out and order some for yourself and your loved ones. You will be prepared!

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